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Bob Bon Plast provides drip irrigation machinery and technology to independent drip irrigation manufacturers large and small. We sell variety of drip irrigation products. Bob Bon Plast trains your workforce, and takes care of installation, as well as continuously provides support and the
latest technology so you can be competitive in today’s local and global markets. With Bon Bon Plast you can be a completely independent manufacturer, our machines work with all drippers available on the market. We also offer drippers and moulds to produce drippers independently.

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Bon Bon Plast is a full service subsurface drip irrigation company specializing in design, installation, and support solutions for irrigation. Bon Bon Plast is specialists in design, service, fertilization, and moisture management. We believe in not only providing our producers with a superior irrigation system, but also guiding them as they learn to utilize their new system. Subsurface drip irrigation allows producers to accomplish fertilization and irrigation in a way that has never been done before.

Careful planning and quality products are the keys to a successful drip irrigation setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Drip Irrigation?

Drip irrigation is the slow, precise application of water and nutrients directly to the plant root zone. Also known as micro or trickle irrigation systems, drip irrigation systems help maintain the ideal moisture level, encouraging the formation of deeper roots and more abundant foliage. Drip irrigation also saves water through reduced evaporation and runoff.

2As a drip irrigation "newbie", what is the best way to get started?

We recommend you try one of our complete Drip kits. We also suggest getting to know our website better, with tutorials, videos and other learning resources available with just a click.

3Can I use drip emitters or micro-sprayers on my lawn?

Due to the minimal flow release of emitters and micro-sprayers, they should not be used on lawns. Use conventional pop-up sprinklers.

4What size supply line should I be using?

The size of your supply line should be determined by the amount of water available* and the amount of usage within the system. ½" tubing is sufficient for most uses and can carry 240 GPH (gallons per hour). If a watering zone requires more than 240 GPH, use ¾" or larger tubing. *Most domestic water systems have at least 480 GPH available.

5How long does it take to install a drip system?

It depends on the size of your project and its complexity. A small garden set-up typically takes about an hour.