About us



We are Bon Bon Plast. We make excellent
agricultural machines

Bon Bon Plast provides drip irrigation machinery and technology to independent drip irrigation manufacturers large and small. We sell turnkey production lines for a variety of drip irrigation products. Bon Bon Plast trains your workforce, and takes care of installation, as well as continuously provides support and the latest technology so you can be competitive in today’s local and global markets. With Bon Bon Plast you can be a completely independent manufacturer, our machines work with all drippers available on the market. We also offer drippers and moulds to produce drippers independently.


We have installed machines and set up independently operating drip irrigation factories all over the world with the biggest names in the business as our clients. We have machines running in all of the INDIA. We offer high quality, high speed, rugged machinery with a focus on simplicity and ease of use suited for a small and simple workforce. Our machines are low maintenance and have been field tested to withstand industrial conditions.

Our Vision

We introduced drip irrigation to change the face of agriculture worldwide. Today we’re helping reach sustainable productivity across the globe. Our philosophy of continuous improvement help us earn ongoing prestigious acknowledgements. As Indians one of the leading irrigation company, we will drive mass adoption of drip irrigation to fight scarcity of water, land and food.